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Electromedicarin S.A. was founded in 1986 in office located in the olimpic city of Barcelona but after some years, our headquaters were moved into lager facilities of more than 6000 m2 because of our growing. In those facilities are carried out several activities such as manufacturing, innovation and development, quality controls, logistics and administartion activities as well as seminars, demonstratioms and training courses.

Our show-room situated in our headquarters shows all our electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, hydrotherapy and physioaesthetics equipments and it also has an active balnearium/wellness spa.

Although Electromedicarin was founded as a service company, we have been working hard to be a company keen on developing new devices, new tecnology and new ideas for the professionals of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Actually, marketing studies carried out in 2006 in Spain confirm that Electromedicarin is the Spanish leader company in national market of rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment. Our next object is consolidate our International position.




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